The Best Time to go to Vietnam

One of the safest and cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is an incredible year-round destination. Whether you are traveling solo or with friends, this is definitely a place that you won’t want to miss. Narrowing down the best time to go to Vietnam is a bit tricky. The country is 1,025 miles long, and … Continue reading The Best Time to go to Vietnam


BY HANOI HIDEAWAY Culaccino boasts stylish architecture and interior design alongside comfortable, peaceful surroundings. Culaccino manages to combine welcoming coziness with unique modern design. The building consists of two large glass windows, stretching up to the ridge of the roof, and an exposed ceiling revealing the underside of neat layered roof tiles. The rest of … Continue reading CULACCINO

Hanoi – Cool Cafés To Escape The Heat

By Hanoi Hideaway The idea of frolicking through parks and sunshine in the glorious Hanoian summer may sound nice, but it’s much less appealing when the temperatures really start to rise. So, do yourself a favor, peel yourself from wherever you’re stuck and head to one of these cool cafés instead. CUP OF TEA Large … Continue reading Hanoi – Cool Cafés To Escape The Heat

SANTORINI VIBES – By Hanoi Hideaway

This Greek-style café has pulled out all the stops to replicate a relaxed island getaway. Santorini Vibes is easily missed being on a sharp corner of Nhat Chieu. However, if you happen to be parting your eyes from the road at a somewhat ill-advised moment, you’ll notice a dazzling white and royal blue building with … Continue reading SANTORINI VIBES – By Hanoi Hideaway