Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our trip through Russia The Trans-Siberian Railway The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world stretching for 9,298 kilometres. The line connects the European part of Russia with Siberia and Far East regions and plays a huge role in the history and economy of the country. There are … Continue reading Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 2


Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 1

  How about spending your holiday in Russia? World's biggest country has some stunning places still hidden from the mainstream travellers. Let's see some of them. Lake Baikal Located in southern Siberia, is not only the world's deepest lake; it is also the world's oldest one. Moreover, it is the cleanest fresh water reservoir on … Continue reading Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 1

Railway Tours – Russia

"Tea Road" Railway Tours Russia is a huge country which stretches so far from west to east that, perhaps, the only way to get a full idea of the diversity of its landscapes and lifestyles of its peoples is to cross the country by train. Such railway tours which also include stops in major cities … Continue reading Railway Tours – Russia

What I ate in St. Petersburg! Gastronomika, great restaurant, great views!


My first ever meal in St. Petersburg is at this Ginza Project owned International Cuisine calledGastronomika. I didn’t choose it! My lovely colleague who planned most of the St. Petersburg trip chose it, and kudos to her for choosing such an awesome restaurant.

This restaurant is located on the top floor of a mall called the “Olympic Plaza” and as such it provided a beautiful, astonishing view of St. Petersburg. We did request a window seat, and the restaurant obliged without us having to pay anything extra! Scoreeeeeee.

The food here was pretty decent, I got the pad thai as I was still craving thai food from my previous bangkok trip. Also ordered the Tom Yum soup because well…Tom Yum is just damn delicious. My colleague got the burger starters and also complimented. Overall, fantastic dining experience.

You know what was also really cool at this restaurant? The…

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Welcome to Moscow! State Historical Museum. It’s great, but there’s no English Translation


I think the Russians have a thing against the English language. Maybe because of the US? I don’t know. But they really don’t like to translate things into English. I mean okay, I get the day to day stuff like transit you don’t have english translations (which doesn’t help) but okay. But when it comes to touristy stuff like the State Historical Museum, you should have some English!

There was a lot of neat stuff in the museum, just by looking at it it was pretty damn awesome. But, everything was in damn Russian. Yes it’s good you want to promote your language….but com’on! I am a tourist…..give me something to work with.

The experience at the State Historical Museum would have been that much better if there was English, because then I would know the history and background of the shit I was looking at.

Take this particular “explanation”…

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