5 Reasons Why I Utterly Loved Traveling In Romania

By Indie Traveler I recently went on a road trip through Transylvania, the northwestern region of Romania. While this only represents one specific slice of the country and one that’s part of the popular tourist trail, it certainly gave me some great initial impressions of Romania. The country still seems to be a bit of an … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Utterly Loved Traveling In Romania


Looking down on Brasov from atop of Mount Tampa


Brasov, Romania


Brasov, Romania


It is no surprise that the charming town of Brasov is often referred to as “the city at the foot of Mount Tampa”. Beautifully nestled within the natural protection and confines of the Carpathian mountains, the medieval town of Brasov was able to ward off invaders for centuries with its impressive fortification systems of walls, towers and gates. Today, Mount Tampa is an important landmark in Brasov whose lush forested peak can be seen from literally ever street within the old part of town.

The main reason why people visit the top of Mount Tampa is to see the spectacular panoramic view of Brasov. You can literally see where the old medieval town ends and the newer, Communist-era buildings begin. Mount Tampa is also a wonderful place to hike since most of the mountain is a nature reserve containing an abundant amount of wildlife and plants. Getting to the top of Mount Tampa was high on…

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