21 Breathtaking Places to Visit in the Philippines (Travel Guide)

With over 7000 islands and 81 provinces, Philippines is without a doubt a crowd favorite when it comes to vacation and traveling because of the breathtaking sites it offers. In this blog post, we will share 21 stunning places to visit in the Philippines! Whether you love nature, historical spots, and even modern buildings and … Continue reading 21 Breathtaking Places to Visit in the Philippines (Travel Guide)

Visiting Siquijor: Things To Do

One of the highlights of our trip to Cebu was Siquijor. It was our first time to visit this beautiful place. Actually, all of the people we met traveling around the Philippines highly recommended us this island.  It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been so far. It´s quiet and beautiful … Continue reading Visiting Siquijor: Things To Do

Best Activities in Boracay – Paradise Island in the Philippines

Boracay is perhaps the most beautiful and most famous of the 7,641 Philippine islands. Here you can find everything you will imagine when you think of paradise: incredible white beaches surrounded by blue waters, perfect weather conditions and breath-taking sunsets. But you will certainly not get bored on the beach with these 8 best activities … Continue reading Best Activities in Boracay – Paradise Island in the Philippines

Romblon Town: Island Escape

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2016-07-07 06.25.26 1 Philippines

Pusang Gala

IT’S A GLOOMY DAY in Romblon. Cheryl and I quicken our pace as large clouds begin to gather in the sky. Up to now, the sky has been gray but calm, though it’s quickly changing. The rain first lightly taps on the roofs of the houses and then becomes a steady pitter-patter as the clouds spit out their beads of water.

That my friend Cheryl and I find ourselves here in Romblon Town in the middle of the rainy season looking for a hotel – any hotel – sounds like a strange, if not an outright bad, idea. It was I who conceived of this plan. I just quit my job and am about to start a new one, while Cheryl is dealing with a broken heart. We felt we needed time away from the world to figure it all out before life intercedes and the sense of adventure is dashed by routine.

So when I was looking…

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