From World Travelers Union PRAGUE Traveler: Danielle Gervalis When: May 2018 Overall Experience While I hate to crudely condense my visit to Prague, I can best sum it up like this; if you appreciate architecture, cheap beer and meat and potatoes, you will LOVE it here! It has been an established city for over a … Continue reading Prague

Český Krumlov: beautifully surprising

As Bohemian rhapsodies go, it was pretty simple, really: a man on a bridge over the Vltava River with a barrel organ, turning the handle so it spilled out a little Czech melody. It sounded like summer; but the air was so bitingly cold and clear, that you could still hear the tinkling melody from … Continue reading Český Krumlov: beautifully surprising

Prague: A Walk across The Charles Bridge to Lesser Town

Charles Bridge, Prague

Prague at sunset on the Charles Bridge.


“Prague. A city imbued with the quiet magic of something intimately familiar, as if from a distant past. A city which serves as a living textbook of ten centuries of European architecture.” – Radomira Sedlakova, author of Prague an architectural guide

There is no bridge in Prague that is more symbolic than the sensational Charles Bridge (Karlův most). Completed in 1402 by court architect, Peter Parler, the iconic Charles Bridge is a feat of medieval engineering that was the only link connecting Old Town and the Prague Castle across the River Vltava, for over 400 years. Lined with a never-ending collection of magnificent baroque statues against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Prague Castle and terra-cotta rooftops of Malá Strana (Czech for “Little Quarter” or “Lesser Town”, the Charles Bridge is a must-see for any visitor to the city.

The Charles Bridge and Old Town Square are the two places I remembered…

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