Tengchong: Southwest China’s gateway to undiscovered natural beauty

A quick introduction to Tengchong Tucked away in the countryside close to China's border with Myanmar, Tengchong (腾冲) features an array of active and extinct volcanoes, boiling hot springs and spurting geysers. It also contains the lovely Gaoligong Mountain Range, some of the most biodiverse wilderness in the entire country. Tengchong is the name of … Continue reading Tengchong: Southwest China’s gateway to undiscovered natural beauty

A Trip to Quzhou in Zhejiang, China

by Martina Cvetanoska “Wherever you go for travel in China, there must be something interesting to be seen”. This is the sentence that I usually say to my foreign friends who have never been to China. And it’s true. Even the smallest city or town has a unique beauty which can amaze foreigners. I have spent … Continue reading A Trip to Quzhou in Zhejiang, China

Chongqing – China

Chongqing is the largest municipality in southwest China. It is a modern port city on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. With an area of 31, 800 square miles (82,400 square kilometers), it shares borders with provinces of Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Shaanxi. As … Continue reading Chongqing – China

Railway Tours – Russia

"Tea Road" Railway Tours Russia is a huge country which stretches so far from west to east that, perhaps, the only way to get a full idea of the diversity of its landscapes and lifestyles of its peoples is to cross the country by train. Such railway tours which also include stops in major cities … Continue reading Railway Tours – Russia

#TRAVEL China: The Best of Beijing



As the capital of China, Beijing seems to have it all—history, art, culture, entertainment, innovation. While I’ve been a few times, I was always just passing through or filing paperwork somewhere.

At long last, my most recent trip through the city gave me a few days to actually experience the wonders it has to offer and I was determined to fit into 3 days as much as humanly possible:

Day One: The Great Wall

After arriving late at night on a long-haul train, I snagged a few hours sleep and immediately took off for the Great Wall. Having been to the tourist hotspots of Badaling and Mutianyu in the past and battling the crowds of locals, I finally had the time for a proper Great Wall experience. Many hostels and tour groups offer transport to more remote sections of the wall that are totally worth it. This was by far…

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