Russia and Rubicons

“It’s not snowing,” my friend Dasha said as she, our friend Tanya and I walked into Moscow’s Red Square two Thursdays ago, the variegated domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral lit up against the night sky. I stopped to let the wind, which blew in a few flakes from atop the walls of the Kremlin, beat … Continue reading Russia and Rubicons


Review: Hotel Altstadt, Vienna, Austria

Time of year:  February 2017 –snowy and cold. Purpose of trip: We were due to be in Slovakia around this time anyway, with one available night before our flight home. We’d both longed to visit Vienna, and discovered it would be a tantalisingly close 1 hour 45 minute drive away. Why we chose this place: … Continue reading Review: Hotel Altstadt, Vienna, Austria

Slovakian Surprise – Bratislava

Published by TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO When I decided to make a quick stop in Bratislava en route to Romania, I had no idea what to expect. I knew nothing about Slovakia, and less than nothing about Bratislava! However, sometimes a little ignorance isn’t actually a bad thing. I only stayed in Bratislava for a … Continue reading Slovakian Surprise – Bratislava

Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our trip through Russia The Trans-Siberian Railway The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world stretching for 9,298 kilometres. The line connects the European part of Russia with Siberia and Far East regions and plays a huge role in the history and economy of the country. There are … Continue reading Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 2

Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 1

  How about spending your holiday in Russia? World's biggest country has some stunning places still hidden from the mainstream travellers. Let's see some of them. Lake Baikal Located in southern Siberia, is not only the world's deepest lake; it is also the world's oldest one. Moreover, it is the cleanest fresh water reservoir on … Continue reading Discover Russia – From Kremlin to Kamchatka – Part 1