Lisbon: What to Do and See

The essence of Lisbon city is mirrored in its terrain. It has lots of “ups” in its stairs and hills to climb, as well as some “downs,” which you as a traveller visiting Lisbon for a short time might realise only exceptionally, or potentially not at all. The capital of Portugal totally embraces you in … Continue reading Lisbon: What to Do and See


48 Hours In Prague

Prague is probably the most well loved destination in the old Eastern Bloc. A city that once released from its communist shackles embraced capitalism and became a mecca for tourists, its beer and architecture mean it is a must visit stop on any European Tour, and perfect for a weekend break. Join me for a … Continue reading 48 Hours In Prague

St Andrews – One of Europe’s Finest Towns

The picturesque seaside town is named for Scotland’s patron saint as, legend has it, it once harboured the relics of St. Andrew. Located on the east coast of Fife in Scotland, the former royal burgh was the centre of the Scottish Church throughout the middle ages. As the seat of the premier bishop, St Andrews became … Continue reading St Andrews – One of Europe’s Finest Towns

Top 10 Sites to See in Serbia

Serbia, on the crossroads of European history, includes the remains of several empires: Romans, Byzantine, Ottoman, Turkish, Austro-Hungarian to name a few.  The result is a layering of historical finds intermingled with a strong Serbian cultural identity. I have to admit that as a Westerner, I had little knowledge of Serbia except the images from … Continue reading Top 10 Sites to See in Serbia


Montenegro has been attracting more and more tourists every year due to its breathtaking views, vibrant cities, foods and weather. Let’s head towards Kotor a coastal town in Montenegro located on one of the world’s most beautiful bays. Kotor has a population of 13,510. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have made the … Continue reading KOTOR – MONTENEGRO