What to Do in Ljubljana (Even When it’s Pouring)?

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Bob Marley Have you ever had the feeling that a city was tired of you? That it was weary, bored, and not so willing to tell you about itself… Now, imagine you arrive and you feel a city is already living its own life; an undisturbed, … Continue reading What to Do in Ljubljana (Even When it’s Pouring)?


Walking with Hemingway in Madrid

A big thank you to VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations for providing this adventure. As always, all opinions are our own For a city of over three million people Madrid is surprisingly walkable. That was good for us, because we didn’t have a car, and our two days here were meant to be a warm … Continue reading Walking with Hemingway in Madrid

Český Krumlov: beautifully surprising

As Bohemian rhapsodies go, it was pretty simple, really: a man on a bridge over the Vltava River with a barrel organ, turning the handle so it spilled out a little Czech melody. It sounded like summer; but the air was so bitingly cold and clear, that you could still hear the tinkling melody from … Continue reading Český Krumlov: beautifully surprising

Lisbon: What to Do and See

The essence of Lisbon city is mirrored in its terrain. It has lots of “ups” in its stairs and hills to climb, as well as some “downs,” which you as a traveller visiting Lisbon for a short time might realise only exceptionally, or potentially not at all. The capital of Portugal totally embraces you in … Continue reading Lisbon: What to Do and See

48 Hours In Prague

Prague is probably the most well loved destination in the old Eastern Bloc. A city that once released from its communist shackles embraced capitalism and became a mecca for tourists, its beer and architecture mean it is a must visit stop on any European Tour, and perfect for a weekend break. Join me for a … Continue reading 48 Hours In Prague