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The most beautiful road – Italy

Roccaverano and Monastero Bormida – Piedmont

I will not discover America if I say that the road itself is the same object for travel as cities, cathedrals, museums, seas, and oceans. Sometimes it is more interesting and meaningful than the final destination(s) of the trip. And sometimes because having virtually driven around the map and according to other people’s stories, you realize that a harmonious symbiosis of cultural heritage and the environment will not work out in any case and you put it off the first because of the second.

Less and less, lately I want noisy megacities with amazing museums and art galleries. Even that I am a big hunter for them. More and more pastorals and uninhabited provincial towns, where IQ may be snoring, but the soul soars and rejoices, and behind it and body.

The first week of our stay in Piedmont was incredibly warm for the end of October in northern Italy. The sky shone with a scorching blue. Supported by yellowing leaves and rapidly starting to redden vineyards for contrast.

Piedemont - Italy - travel guides and blogs photos

The first point of the program was the highest mountain village in the region. Roccaverano, located on a hill 800 meters high, between two streams: the shallow, slightly rapids Bormida di Milizimo

Photo of a small water stream in Northern Italy - travel guide

It is now Roccaverano. A nice historical reserve with five hundred inhabitants. Once it was almost the main outpost that defended Piedmont from the sea. Genoa is not far from Astian Langa.

How significant these lands were in the Middle Ages, it can be said that a certain banker Scarampi bought the land around Roccaverano for an amount equivalent to 53 kg of gold.

Photos do not convey even half of the charm

When I processed the photos, trying to convey to you at least a fraction of the beauty of those places, I realized with great regret that they do not convey even half of the charm and some kind of crystal peace that enveloped us there. Well-groomed and nurtured estates.

From time to time there were also abandoned ones. They were so picturesquely good that at least write a sketch from them.

Abandoned building photo - Italy - trav el guide
 The leaves on the vine were completely green when the crop was already harvested

We finally got to Roccaverano, Italy

Church of the Blessed Virgin – Santa Maria Annunziata

Sideways to the cathedral is the restaurant “Albergo Bramante”

We ordered a cappuccino and a piece of cake. The woman at the counter asked if we would like to buy some cheese. I also read about cheese. Robiola (DOP) is a local specialty made from goat or mixed, but not less than 50% goat milk. Bought.

I want to say that I like Italian cheeses more than French ones.

After Roccaverano we had 2 more points. One is Monastera, and the second is a park of modern installation sculptures: Parco d Arte Quarelli. It is only 11 km from it to Monastero. It was a sin not to stop by, but I did not take into account the covid realities and the dates on the calendar.

The park was closed, and there were no signs of life in the house, which I think is directly related to the park.

I have to end the story on this, because the limit on photographs on my SD card has been exhausted. However, the day itself has not yet come to an end. On the way to the guest house, we passed the town of Cortemilia. But about that more in the next story.

What if I tell you...

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