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10 Perfectly Good Reasons To Ski In Val Di Sole

by Claudia Tavani

If you are a fan of winter sports, you have to ski in Val di Sole, Trentino.

Val di Sole is one of the most charming valleys of Trentino; the kind of place where you may get the impression time has stopped. Surrounded by beautiful mountains that called to be hiked and home to forests, rivers and a multitude of lovely small villages and mountain farms, this is a great place to visit if you love nature and adventure – regardless of the season.

Yet, mention Val di Sole and the first thing that comes to the mind of many is the incredible ski slopes. Skiing in Val di Sole is as good as it gets, if you ask me.

I went to Trentino (again) in mid December, and my trip was nothing short of amazing. Needless to say, the highlight of it was the chance to ski in Val di Sole. In this post, I will underline the reasons why you should ski in Val di Sole and share some tips and information to make the most of your winter trip in the region.

The slopes are fabulous

Skiing in Val di Sole is as good as it gets. The Folgarida – Marilleva ski area is huge, even more so as it is linked to that of Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo, for a total of 150 km of slopes and 62 ski-lifts (cable cars, gondolas etc). There are slopes for just about anybody – from the easiest, mellow blue slopes of Folgarida – Marilleva ski area to the hardest ones of Madonna di Campiglio.

I am hardly a pro at skiing (I got back on the slopes last year after 17 years.

So I went straight to the Folgarida – Marilleva ski area, where there’s plenty of slopes of varying length and difficulty, all offering amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

After trying a few nice and easy blue slopes, I felt more confident and went down a bunch of red ones (I especially enjoyed the Malghetto). The quality of the snow was excellent – it is throughout the winter, with artificial snow being added to the natural one whenever this is isn’t enough to guarantee perfect ski conditions.

The slopes of the Folgarida – Marilleva area are all connected by a series of ski-lifts, cable cars and gondolas, and they are linked to those of Madonna di Campiglio. In other words, if you go skiing in Val di Sole you can easily reach any slope – should you care for a change of scenery and environment.

It’s great even for beginners and families

If you aren’t confident enough to ski or snowboard by yourself, or you want to improve your skiing technique, you can count get lessons in one of the 4 schools located at the Folgarida – Marilleva ski station.

And if you are traveling with your kids, you can rest assured that even children will have a great time skiiing in Val di Sole as you will be able to count on 3 kindergartens in the Folgarida – Marilleva area. It means that your kids can get entertained and learn how to ski while you enjoy the slopes.

The slopes are easy to reach

One of the biggest concerns for people who like skiing is how to get to the slopes. The good news for those who plan to ski in Val di Sole is that the slopes can be reached easily reached in a variety of ways.

By car

If you prefer to move around independently, the best way to reach the slopes to ski in Val di Sole is with your own means of transportation. If you don’t have a car, you can rent one here.

By bus

If, on the other hand, you are a fan of public transportation, you will be happy to know that you can easily ski in Val di Sole even if you don’t want to drive. Indeed, other than the public buses that connect the various villages around the valley, there also is a free ski-bus service that links the villages to the ski stations. The bus timetable works around that of the cable car, so the first ride to the ski station is typically around 8:00 or 8:15 (which is when the cable car starts working) and the last ride back to the villages departs from the stations at around 4:45 pm, when the cable car closes. You can find the ski-bus timetable here.

By train

Last but not least, you can go skiing in Val di Sole by train! The Dolomiti Express train connects Trento (the biggest city in Trentino) to the ski stations of Daolasa and Mezzana ski, where you can enjoy a changing room and a deposit room before you hit the slopes.

The view is amazing throughout

One of the perks of skiing, anywhere in the world really, is the chance to admire the mountains around. Sure enough, you won’t be disappointed by the views when you ski in Val di Sole.

If you decide to opt for the Folgarida – Marilleva ski area, you’ll enjoy the views of the Brenta Dolomites, which incidentally are also one of the best places to go hiking in the region (For more incredible hikes in the Dolomites, read my post “Three Hikes In The Dolomites Of Trentino”). I admit that I got regularly distracted by the views, and stopped a few times to admire the mountains and take photos of them as I went down the slopes, while I waited for my lunch in one of the mountain huts and even as I sat on the gondolas to get back on the slopes.

You can have the most delicious meal right on the slopes

One of the perks of skiing in Val di Sole is that you can have lunch in one of the many beautiful rifugi (mountain huts) scattered throughout the slopes. These are cozy and easygoing places that serve light lunches as well as earthy meals that will give you the necessary energy boost to continue skiing. Most rifugi offer a selection of tasty traditional food (try the canederli or the polenta with one of the many delicious toppings) and some even serve freshly baked pizza. Continue reading as I will be sharing some tips on the best places to eat in Val di Sole below.



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