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My Very Own Travel Guide To Wroclaw

After some weird experiences in Krakow, I decided to head to a different city in Poland to try to change my travel luck.

I’m not a person that enjoys going to the capital city of the countries I visited, so going to Warsaw was out of the question. Instead, I opted to visit the small city of Wroclaw in the west of Poland, and I absolutely loved it!

I arrived to Wroclaw amidst the best weather I’ve had in weeks. 25°C greeted me at the small bus station, only a few blocks from the city center.

I was happily surprised that my hostel was located in a chic courtyard, far from the hustle and noise of the most touristy areas of Wroclaw.

The first hour of my stay was going as smooth as I could imagine, and Wroclaw was already making an amazing first impression.


Normally I do not like to spend much time in any cities, and Wroclaw is in fact a small city. However, Wroclaw did not feel overwhelming at all.

A small and laid back feel reigned everywhere I went. People did not seem to be in a rush, they greeted each other “hello”, and all sights were withing close range from one another.

Luckily I did not overbook my stay, and I was able to see everything there was to see within a 2-night stay.

The Sights

Market Square

The main sight and by far the prettiest within the city is the Market Square.

Surrounded by medieval buildings and commerces, the Marquet Square is the heart of Wroclaw and its busiest sight. The entire square is a pedestrian avenue where locals and visitors congregate to watch passers-by from one of the many restaurants and bars surrounding the market.

At night it is a good place to go out bar hopping and clubbing, but expect to pay the “tourist prices”. For a more local venue head to Pasaz Nielpolda (51 Ruska street), which is filled with about a dozen bars and clubs where mainly locals like to party.

One of my favourite spots in the plaza is in front of the Town Hall, the Pillory. In the past, this was used for public executions and punishments. It fittingly showcases an executioner carrying a whip at the top.

Ostrów Tumski

The oldest part of Wroclaw, located just northeast from the Rynek (old town) outside of the main island. Ostrów Tumski has many nice sights, including the Jana Chrzciciela Katedra (or simply the “Wroclaw Cathedral”) and the Tumski bridge.

This part of the city is particularly beautiful at sundown, where dark blue ski and the outdoor lamps give it an eerie yet beautiful feel. The outdoor lamps run by gas, and every night they are lit by a local “lamplighter”. It should be easy enough to “catch him in the act” if you time your visit just before dusk.

Hala Targowa (Old Market Hall)

One of the oldest and busiest local markets in Wroclaw, the Hala Targowa market is located near Tumski Bridge.

The market is filled with local produce and foods such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and meals.

I found my visit to the market quite gratifying. It had been long since I had visited one of these markets and it reminded me of those big ones in South America (although much MUCH cleaner).



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