Culaccino boasts stylish architecture and interior design alongside comfortable, peaceful surroundings.


Culaccino manages to combine welcoming coziness with unique modern design. The building consists of two large glass windows, stretching up to the ridge of the roof, and an exposed ceiling revealing the underside of neat layered roof tiles. The rest of the interior proudly displays a number of other materials, including brick flooring, wooden furniture, metal light shades, patterned clay tiles and a counter made of pebbles. It might look like a double-page spread in an expensive interior design magazine if it weren’t for a homely spattering of comfortable cushions and colorful paintings.


The café is generally filled with small groups of friends meeting for a chat. But, on some days, half of the café is used to host art workshops, with many of the final products proudly hung on the walls. There is outdoor seating both at the front and back of the building, with overhanging greenery on either side and a charming white archway at the front. The menu also boasts plenty of delicious Vietnamese drinks, including yogurt coffee and egg coffee.


Culaccino is located on a culdesac-like street with a section of open grass in the middle. There’s very little traffic in the area, except for other patrons parking their bikes outside their own cafés of choice. Locals can be seen stretching and jogging around the grassy area, and children are often playing or cycling on the street. It’s a strange sight for a city so full of motorbikes, but definitely a welcome one!


Source: http://www.hanoihideaway.com/culaccino/


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