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SANTORINI VIBES – By Hanoi Hideaway

This Greek-style café has pulled out all the stops to replicate a relaxed island getaway.

Santorini Vibes is easily missed being on a sharp corner of Nhat Chieu. However, if you happen to be parting your eyes from the road at a somewhat ill-advised moment, you’ll notice a dazzling white and royal blue building with arched windows and doors.

Named in part after the Greek island, Santorini, the café has done a pretty good job at imitating its namesake. On top of the blue and white color palette, there are also classic wooden shutters, glass lanterns and a pebbled floor. The outside of the building boasts odes to the dome-shaped architecture and bright pink wall-climbing plants that Greece is famous for.  And, last but not least, there’s a view over the water – it may not be a view of the seabut the area is an island in its own way.


One unusual quirk of Santorini Vibes is that it not only looks over the water but a water park. That’s right, it’s next to Tay Ho Water Park. At first, it seems a little odd being so close to people prancing around in their bathing suits but, after a while, it’s easy to forget about it. In fact, for a moment, the background noise of splashing and laughter might even have you believing you’re on holiday. (But, if you can’t forget about the noise, you can always take bets on which kid will back out of jumping off the top diving board instead…)


The only things that let down this charming new spot are two unsightly abandoned boats and usually at least one car parked right in front of the view of West Lake. Otherwise, Santorini Vibes is bright and airy, the staff are friendly and the drinks are pretty good. It seems fairly popular during the day but it’s especially busy in the evening.


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