A Guide to ‘Splavovi,’ Belgrade’s Booming Nightlife Scene

In Serbia’s capital, nightlife is a lifestyle by Paul Rubio Belgrade is still partying like it’s 1999—literally. Then, the capital of a war-torn, economically downtrodden Yugoslavia faced an uncertain future, and residents sought refuge in a rather unlikely place: the dance floor. In a case of life imitating song, the Serbian party scene climaxed in … Continue reading A Guide to ‘Splavovi,’ Belgrade’s Booming Nightlife Scene


Moscow, Moscow…

Moscow Museums 1. The Moscow Kremlin The Moscow Kremlin is located in the centre of Moscow and is one of the largest architectural ensembles in the world. Historically the Moscow Kremlin has been the residence of the person in power and is today the residence of the Russian President. The museum complex includes the Assumption Cathedral, … Continue reading Moscow, Moscow…

SANTORINI VIBES – By Hanoi Hideaway

This Greek-style café has pulled out all the stops to replicate a relaxed island getaway. Santorini Vibes is easily missed being on a sharp corner of Nhat Chieu. However, if you happen to be parting your eyes from the road at a somewhat ill-advised moment, you’ll notice a dazzling white and royal blue building with … Continue reading SANTORINI VIBES – By Hanoi Hideaway