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Terrific Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela.

Port of Spain Trinidad


Port of Spain located on the northeast coast of Trinidad is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. It has impressive colonial-style architecture. On the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday the capital comes alive with Carnival, where everyone wears colorful costumes, listens to calypso and soca rhythms and simply enjoys themselves.

National Museum and Art Gallery is housed in a classic colonial building. It offers exhibits that range from Amerindian settlers to African slaves and indentured Indians. On the top floor, the rotating collection of artwork is one of the highlights and is a great introduction to the Trinibago art scene.


Queen’s Park Savannah is a lovely park in Port of Spain. At one time it was part of a sugar plantation and also home to a racecourse. This is a public park that is encircled by a 3.7km perimeter road which the locals refer to as the world’s largest roundabout. You can see people playing cricket and football while joggers run about the path. Vendors sell cold coconut water.

Emperor Valley Zoo is a small zoo full of interesting animals. You can see indigenous red howler monkeys, ocelots, birds, and snakes native to Trinidad and Tobago.

In a newly landscaped section, the new residents are sea otters. flamingos and there’s a butterfly park. Some of the larger residents are the giraffes, warthogs and Bengal tigers.

Botanical Gardens are lovely with exotic trees and plants. For visitors, there are paths for strolling. The gardens date back to 1818.


Woodford Square in the center of downtown Port of Spain is a grassy square with a fountain and ornate bandstand. It has a “Speakers Corner” where people can express themselves. There are many impressive buildings surrounding the square.

Red House stands by Woodford Square. It is an impressive Renaissance-style parliament building dating back to 1903. Ancient Amerindian skeletons were found in the foundations during restoration. At its main entrance, an eternal flame burns to commemorate the lives lost in the Islamic coup of 1990.



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