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Visiting Siquijor: Things To Do

One of the highlights of our trip to Cebu was Siquijor. It was our first time to visit this beautiful place. Actually, all of the people we met traveling around the Philippines highly recommended us this island.  It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been so far. It´s quiet and beautiful plus there are some lovely, peaceful beaches you can go to. These beaches are perfect for swimming alone, with loved ones, and/or friends.

If you are planning to visit Siquijor, one thing you should know is that during the Spanish colonial period, the island was called Isla Del Fuego (Island of Fire).


How to get to Siquijor

From Dumaguete, you can get to Siquijor by 1.5-hour ferry ride which costs around 140-170 pesos per person. The trip is quiet and safe. Once you get to the island, you can ride a tricycle to go around and get to your place. Or you can even rent your own motorbike for $7 per day. We totally recommend hiring a motorcycle and moving around the island. Public transportation like jeepneys almost don´t exist and sometimes you will wait for a long time waiting for the tricycle.

Internet Connection

It was a challenge for us to do our online job since the connection and phone signal are really weak in the island. Near San Juan, you will get the best internet connection in town. You will find WiFi in hotels and restaurants around the area.

Things To Do in Siquijor

It will only take around 3-4 hours to go around the island since it’s not really big. You can rent a motorbike, a tricycle or a tour, like we did as we teamed up with Orientwind Travel. Check out our favorite spots:


There are a few churches in the island like San Isidro Labrador. For me, it was kind of funny since I’m from Madrid and the festivity of the city is called San Ignacio Labrador, like how we call it in Madrid. It lies on the same day and people celebrate the same thing, a festivity for the farmers.

Cambugahay Falls

These waterfalls are really amazing and very quiet, too. The water is transparent and clean. You can swim, jump, and even use a rope to go into the water. There are two levels. The first part is the huge waterfall where people jump and swim. The second level is more quiet, perfect for swimming and relaxing. Also, there is no entrance fee guys. This is really awesome!


Old Enchanted Balete Tree

You would see a very old tree in the island. It is 400 years old and the place is mystical and spiritual.

Sagdoong Beach

There are two beaches for swimming where you can even practice cliff jumping. We took nice shots with our drone and enjoyed a nice swim too. Check it out!


San Juan Beach

The beach was really quiet and the colors of the island were stunning! It´s perfect for snorkeling if you bring your own gear and it’s really perfect for taking underwater shots, too. This beach is quite long and you will find some spots with no people around.



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