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Ljubljana’s three bridges from a different angle

What to Do in Ljubljana (Even When it’s Pouring)?

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”
Bob Marley

Have you ever had the feeling that a city was tired of you? That it was weary, bored, and not so willing to tell you about itself… Now, imagine you arrive and you feel a city is already living its own life; an undisturbed, confident, gracious city, with a pinch of innocence. You arrive and want to see more straight away.

You see things you haven’t seen for a long time and you don’t see things that might be expected in a capital city. Welcome to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia; She welcomes you, but doesn’t push you too much to like her.

Plečnik’s arcades of the Central Market in Ljubljana.

We arrived in Slovenia in early September. Streets, roads, benches and bridges were all wet after the unceasing rain, and we checked the weather through a steamy window every ten minutes. Unfortunately, the raindrops were still knocking on the windows day after day after day. What are we doing here? We asked ourselves hopelessly. Having in mind that we were going to stay in the city for only a few days, we decided to just jump out into the rain with our hoodies and layers on.

View on the medieval fortress in Ljubljana.

In this post, we are going to remind you (and ourselves) of an old scout saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. Considering how little we travel with, we didn’t have many choices, so we just dropped all usual weather excuses and off we went.

River Ljubljanica Canal after the rain

What to do in Ljubljana in the rain?

Short answer: Apparently anything. (I.e. the same you would do if it wasn’t raining. )

Long answer: Here are some suggestions from two soaked vagabonds who braced themselves and successfully coped with rain on their faces, in their shoes, and dripping down their necks.

Bike tour in Ljubljana

Alright, it wasn’t as colourful as it would have been on a clear day, but the route we did in Ljubljana introduced us to both the central and suburb parts of the city. We took a two-hour tour with Watermelon bike tours and our guide Tevz literally made our day.

With his informative and funny stories we passed important sites in the city, ventured out of the centre, explored the quiet parts of town, saw abandoned buildings, works of influential architect Jože Plečnik, and took enough breaks to listen to the sounds of the places and the stories that Ljubljana hides in her walls and monuments.

The city is pretty flat and most of it is super bike friendly. You can choose a long trip that lasts about four hours and costs $29 or a short one that takes half of the time and costs $23. Bikes, helmets and rain jackets are provided. This is one of our most recommended activities in Ljubljana.

Visit Metelkova city

This autonomous alternative culture zone is a place that lives vibrantly after the sunset, but you might be impressed (as we were) when you visit during the daylight, and watch rain pouring from painted roofs. Seven buildings that used to be barracks and a prison (now it’s a famous Celica hostel) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are a great place where artists and art lovers come to socialize



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