Travel Tips: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Travel Tips for the Best Way to See and Explore Puerto Vallarta, México 1. A Word of Warning: The city of Puerto Vallarta has invested a good deal of capital in revamping their water treatment system to combat the stigma associated with drinking the water in Mexico. The water is likely safe at reputable resorts … Continue reading Travel Tips: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


10 Things To Do In Saigon In Just 3 Days

Going to Saigon and don’t have much time to spend there? Here’s a brief guide to 10 things to do in Saigon in just 3 days! I visited Saigon for the first time in March 2016. I have been wanting to go back since I have left. There’s so many things to do in Saigon … Continue reading 10 Things To Do In Saigon In Just 3 Days

Walking with Hemingway in Madrid

A big thank you to VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations for providing this adventure. As always, all opinions are our own For a city of over three million people Madrid is surprisingly walkable. That was good for us, because we didn’t have a car, and our two days here were meant to be a warm … Continue reading Walking with Hemingway in Madrid

Český Krumlov: beautifully surprising

As Bohemian rhapsodies go, it was pretty simple, really: a man on a bridge over the Vltava River with a barrel organ, turning the handle so it spilled out a little Czech melody. It sounded like summer; but the air was so bitingly cold and clear, that you could still hear the tinkling melody from … Continue reading Český Krumlov: beautifully surprising

Crusader trail in Adana and Hatay

Setting off for the city of Antioch and eventually hoping for Jerusalem, crusaders left traces in Adana and Hatay provinces in southern Turkey About a thousand years ago, give or take, some wealthy landowners in central and western Europe got the idea into their heads they should travel across the entire continent to retake the … Continue reading Crusader trail in Adana and Hatay