Best Activities in Boracay – Paradise Island in the Philippines

Boracay is perhaps the most beautiful and most famous of the 7,641 Philippine islands. Here you can find everything you will imagine when you think of paradise: incredible white beaches surrounded by blue waters, perfect weather conditions and breath-taking sunsets. But you will certainly not get bored on the beach with these 8 best activities in Boracay.

Activity in Boracay #1 – Experience the underwater world

The small island of Boracay is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. One of the best activities in Boracay is scuba diving. There are several dive centers all over the island that offer dives for beginners (roughly €60 per dive including equipment and instructor) or for more advanced experienced divers. Over 30 dive sites can be reached by boat within a few minutes from the island. If you have a little more time on the island, you can get your PADI open water diving license for around €350.


Boracay Travel Tip Section: When to go?

There are two seasons in Boracay: the wet season and the dry season. Try to visit the island during the dry season that lasts from October until late May. The small island gets especially crowded during Christmas and Easter holidays and during Chinese New Year. So if you are flexible with your time you can get cheaper accommodation by bypassing the peak seasons.

Activity in Boracay #2 – Go Kite Surfing

During the dry season, strong winds blow on the eastern side of the island. These perfect windy conditions make Bulabog Beach one of the kite surf hotspots in the world. Experienced kite surfers from all over the world flock to Boracay every year.

You should give it a try too! There are several operators on the island that offer beginner courses where you can learn the basics of kite surfing within a few hours. Prices for kite surfing activities in Boracay start at around €60 for courses.


Activity in Boracay #3 – Take a Filipino cooking class

Filipino food isn’t just good – it is great. To me, tastes and cooking techniques are an important aspect of a culture and a cooking class is a perfect way to get a good glimpse at it. And being able to cook some delicious Filipino dishes for your friends and family is the best souvenir you can bring back home with you. Most cooking classes will take you to the local market first where you can select the fresh products you will prepare and eat later. You can book the cooking activity from one of the operators in Boracay or through your hotel. The price should be around €30.


Activity in Boracay #4 – Go parasailing and see the island from above

Parasailing is a great and adventurous way to see the island of Boracay from above. You are attached to a parachute that is pulled by a boat. After a bit, you will take off and then you will be able to look down at the small world below you. While it sounds like an extreme sport, you will be sailing through the sky at moderate speed so you can fully enjoy the views. Parasailing is a great activity in Boracay for couples. Expect to pay around €30 for 15 minutes of sailing.


Boracay Travel Tip Section: How to get there?

There is no airport on Boracay and all visitors have to take a short ferry boat ride from Caticlan port to the island. To get there, you can either fly directly to Caticlan airport, just a few miles down the road or to Kalibo airport, 80 minutes by road from Caticlan port. The best option is to check for flight prices to both airports. Often, the flight to Kalibo airport is cheaper. From Kalibo airport, you can either get on a shared minibus to Caticlan ferry port or prebook a private transfer for around €40 including the ferry cost.


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