48 Hours In Prague

Prague is probably the most well loved destination in the old Eastern Bloc. A city that once released from its communist shackles embraced capitalism and became a mecca for tourists, its beer and architecture mean it is a must visit stop on any European Tour, and perfect for a weekend break. Join me for a run down of Prague’s Highlights – Where to Stay, What to Do & Where to Eat – all which can be visited within 48 hours!

So you’ve got 48 hours in Prague and not a clue where to start – then this post is for you! I’m going to share with you my highlight’s and ‘must-do’s’ for 48 hours in Prague including where to stay, what to do an where to eat, which will help you experience as much of the city as possible without having you feeling like you’re racing around the town!

1. Church of Our Lady Before Tyn


Tied for the top spot of things people associate with Prague is the very impressive Gothic church known colloquially as ‘Church of Our Lady Before Tyn’ (which translates as The Church of Mother of God Before Tyn ). It has served as the main church in this part of Prague since the 14th Century. Dominating one half of the Old Town Square, the twin spires are each 80m high. This makes it a prominent landmark which can be viewed from almost anywhere in the city. Whatever the weather the time at your visit – sun, rain, hail or storm – the church makes for the perfect subject matter for any photograph!

2. Astronomical Clock


Tied with the Tyn Church, above, the Astronomical Clock (also located in the Old Town Square) is one of Prague’s biggest draws. In the Middle Ages was even considered one of the Wonders of the World. Today the clock still commands people’s attention every hour as they gather to watch the ancient mechanical marvel display the time via a procession of apostles in the same way that it has done for over 600 years!

*TIP* I would highly recommend starting your day at the Old Town Square where you can view the above two sites. You can also pick up a range of ‘Free Walking Tours’ which depart from here daily and throughout the day. Have a chat with each of the vendors and find out which ones go up to the Castle – and take one of those (the picture alone of the Charles Bridge is worth it!!) They are called Free Tours as you are not required to book or pay outright, but the tour guides often offer a wealth of information over a few hours and work on a tips-only basis. Please be prepared to part with some cash when the tour is over and they have done a good job! *TIP*

4. Charles Bridge


Another standout site to visit when in Prague is the Charles Bridge. A gloriously Gothic 16 archway marvel spanning the Vltava River that was constructed in 1357 and finished at the start of the the 15th Century. It took on a life of its own with the addition of 30 baroque statues in the 17th Century which were erected to celebrate the prominent saints and patron saints of that time. Those you see today are replicas of the originals, most of which have been moved to the National Museum – but that does not take anything away from their beauty.


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