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A Trip to Quzhou in Zhejiang, China

by Martina Cvetanoska

“Wherever you go for travel in China, there must be something interesting to be seen”. This is the sentence that I usually say to my foreign friends who have never been to China. And it’s true. Even the smallest city or town has a unique beauty which can amaze foreigners. I have spent my last weekend in a city called Quzhou. Quzhou is a city in Zhejiang province in China. Let me tell you something more about the places I have seen there.


How to get there: By train (Hangzhou-Quzhou, around 100yuan)

A place to stay: Qujiang Oriental Hotel(衢江东方大酒店)

Day 1: Shui Ting Gate and Tianji Long Gate

I arrived in Quzhou early morning. The first place I have been to was the city center where the Shui Ting Gate (水亭门)  stands at the beginning of a beautiful street which leads straight to the riverside. At the end of the street, there is a place where you can climb up the stairs and have a gorgeous view of the flowing river. In this area, there are also shops and small restaurants. On the corner of the street, there was a man standing in front of his shop and he impressed us when he was spinning the cookies on a big plate. I still remember the taste of those sweet cookies. You should definitely try them if you go to this street. Delicious!


After having a tasty local lunch at a fancy restaurant, we went to a place where the Tianji Gate(天脊龙门) is. Btw, the local food in Quzhou is spicy hot food so be prepared to try different kinds of spicy food. I will share some photos of the food below. Tianji Gate is surrounded by wild nature. The weather was rainy and cloudy so we couldn’t enjoy much of the area climbing up the stairs, but the clear air was definitely worth to visit this place even for a short time. Be ready for hiking and making stops to take photos. Nature is beautiful!

Day 2: The Buddhist Palace of Wooden Carvings and Qianjiang Forest Park

We had a one night stay at the Qujiang Oriental Hotel(衢江东方大酒店). It is a brand new hotel, and the hotel staff is very polite and friendly. You will feel like you are at home. Even better.


On the second day, we have been to two amazing places. The first place was The Wood Carvings Museum and Buddhist Temple(根宫佛国). The whole area is covered by standing wood carvings, different shapes, and sculptures. It also has a beautiful garden with bonsai trees and other different trees and plants. You can hear the sound of the birds while you walk through the garden and then enter the Temple. You can really feel China at this place. The art of making wood carvings which can last for hundreds of years is fascinating. The wood sculptures have been smoothly carved to become a person or an animal, yet not so much of the original shape of the wood has been changed. What makes the sculpture unique is the natural shape of the wood which was found underground. The art is more than beautiful!

After the lunch, we went to see the origin of the Qianjiang River(钱江源森林公园). Qianjiang River is the river which flows through Hangzhou. There are stairs leading up to the spot where a small spring running out of the rocks flows down and runs all the way to form what we know to be the big river Qianjiang. Just by sitting near the spring and listening to the sound of the running water gave me a special peaceful feeling. We definitely need a weekend getaway to nature to get our minds clear and full our lungs with fresh mountain air.


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