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Slovakian Surprise – Bratislava

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When I decided to make a quick stop in Bratislava en route to Romania, I had no idea what to expect. I knew nothing about Slovakia, and less than nothing about Bratislava! However, sometimes a little ignorance isn’t actually a bad thing. I only stayed in Bratislava for a short time, but it was undeniably sweet, and the perfect antidote to the travel blues that had fallen upon me.

Bratislava is the perfect place to spend a day or two. The city is small enough that you can walk to pretty much everything and avoid paying for public transport, but has enough points of interest to keep you from becoming bored. Not gonna lie, that is kinda the perfect combo right there!

I spent my first few hours in Bratislava just wandering and getting a feel for the city and its layout, but after a while I found myself lost and needing directions back into the centre of the city.

As I attempted to find someone who spoke a little bit of broken English (easier said than done, I assure you) I stumbled across what was to become my favourite spot in the city – the absolutely stunning Blue Church.


Now, I am not usually one to get excited over a church. I am not a religious person in the slightest, but, if you travel a lot, every once in a while you will come across a church that is worth more than just a passing glance, even if you aren’t really all about your faith.

For me, the Blue Church is one such church. It is just so different from any other religious site I have ever seen! The architecture and painting looks more kitschy than anything, a vibe which I was most definitely digging.

The city may be a pretty one, but in my opinion, the sights aren’t what make Bratislava so special, the people do.

When I reflect back on my time in this city, one particular incident stands out in my mind. I went to the post office with the intention of shipping my big-ass winter jacket back home to Australia now that it would no longer be required. However, what would have taken me five minutes to do in an English-speaking country instead took closer to 40 minutes!



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