Lahore, Pakistan





Another county bordering India is Pakistan. It is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is a federal parliamentary republic in South Asia. Its coastline runs along the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.


One of the cities we’ll be visiting in Pakistan is Lahore. So sit back and get ready for a most interesting tour. Lahore is the capital city of the Pakistan province of Punjab and is an intellectual, cultural and artistic hub. It is interesting to note that there are cities about which you can just not say enough this is one of them and the amazing and interesting facts about this city just kept leading me onward and onward.


You can get to know Lahore by the delicious smells and tastes found along its Food Street. There you can get a taste of all of the delicious dishes that Lahore has…

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Fajita Fiesta at Chili’s, Quest Mall !

Exploring Cuisines

​Chili’s isn’t a new name for us. With its inception in Kolkata, this place had always been in the hype, much due to the fact that it stands undoubtedly as the best restaurant in Kolkata serving Tex-Mex food. Their tripple dipper, burgers, fajitas, baby back ribs, blackened fish and everything else had been very famous among all of us.

The first outlet of Chili’s was at Quest Mall, which is my personal favourite. So, it was double the happiness on getting an invitation for a bloggers meet for their ongoing ‘Fajita Fiesta’ at Quest Mall. Now, I’m quite sure many of haven’t tasted or even known of a fajita before. A fajita is a part of Tex-Mex cuisine, in which grilled pieces of meat are served on a tortilla bread. This is one of the popular dishes in American casual dining restaurants but in Kolkata the only restaurant that serves…

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Review: Javana Royal Villas, Bali




After saying goodbye to my beloved Dusun I had high hopes for another nearby villa – Javana Royal Villas. The online reviews had been pretty decent and on paper the place sounded amazing, but in actual fact, these “royal” villas ended up being nothing more than a royal letdown.



Yes, at a glance, this villa does look very beautiful – and don’t get me wrong, it is. But when a place costs $600 USD per night, looking good is just not enough. The devil is in the details with this place, and that is where it really let us down.

Firstly, one of the appeals of a stay at Javana was the fact that it offered a private hot tub!

Turns out that this ‘hot tub’ was a total joke. With a tiny tap like you would expect to find in a bathroom sink and water that never got warmer…

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#TRAVEL China: The Best of Beijing



As the capital of China, Beijing seems to have it all—history, art, culture, entertainment, innovation. While I’ve been a few times, I was always just passing through or filing paperwork somewhere.

At long last, my most recent trip through the city gave me a few days to actually experience the wonders it has to offer and I was determined to fit into 3 days as much as humanly possible:

Day One: The Great Wall

After arriving late at night on a long-haul train, I snagged a few hours sleep and immediately took off for the Great Wall. Having been to the tourist hotspots of Badaling and Mutianyu in the past and battling the crowds of locals, I finally had the time for a proper Great Wall experience. Many hostels and tour groups offer transport to more remote sections of the wall that are totally worth it. This was by far…

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