First Class: A Tale of Two Cities, Aircraft And Airlines


If only all flying meant a sojourn in First Class!  Of course, in real life, budgetary considerations rule, and even the expense account set has been shifting from First to Business Class. Airlines are configuring their planes accordingly, and First Class has disappeared as an option on an increasing number of routes.  But we can still experience it via armchair thanks to the fortunate few lucky enough to enjoy the remainder.  There is an abundance of video footage celebrating the amenities of premium cabin experience: the relatively pain free check-in process, the cushy lounges with their culinary delights, the spacious accommodations aboard the airplane and, most important, all that pampering by the flight attendants once aloft.

I thought it would be interesting to post two views of the First Class experience on the same route-London to Abu Dhabi (LHR-AUH).   The Luxury Travel Expert filmed the trip aboard a British…

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A love Affair with Marbella, Spain




Marbella, a coastal town situated at the Costa del sol part of southern Spain. Marbella is the synonym for its paparazzi, money, class apart gentry, Ferraris, exotic bars, and splendid private yachts. This is the only reason that initially, I was quite reluctant to visit this place as I was on a budget trip and thought I can’t afford to be there but actually, it’s all lies. Marbella is beautiful, endearing and full of Spanish charm and I never knew that I will fall for it at first sight.

I with my friend took an overnight bus from Madrid and reached Marbella early morning after a 7 hours bus journey. After reaching the bus station, we took a local taxi to reach Puerto Banus port few kms away which was our home for the next three days. A typical day starts late as Spanish people seem not in a hurry at all so…

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Enchanted Forests

God’s own Country is the catchy tag for the state of Kerala in Southern India .

The region is awash with a Beautiful Coastline and a plethora of Golden Sand Beaches.

What sets the region apart are the numerous backwaters and the merging of the Fresh and  the Salt Waterworlds.

Veli Lake is a Fresh Water Lake  near  Trivandurum that merges into Salty waters of the Arabian Sea .

river bank God’s Own Country

A Sand Bar  forms a lovely beach and  the barrier as well between the Sea and the Lake.

A view from a Floating restaurant at the mouth of the Veli Lake.

looking at the sea Meeting the Sea

A break in the Sand Bar creates the merger of the Fresh Waters of the Lake with the Arabian Sea.

The Entire Coastline of Kerala  is a historical Coastline and has been for thousands of centuries the First Point of Entry into

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