Hotel Review: Dusun Villas, Bali



Yep, you are reading it right. This chica went back to Bali for the third time this year!

After having a wonderful stay at the Kunja Villas in Seminyak I was pretty excited to get offered a stay at Kunja’s sister property – Dusun Villas – for a three night visit.

So how did the Dusun stack up against the Kunja?


Much like at the Kunja, the check in process was seamless. After quick photocopy of my passport and putting a few signatures on a few bits and bobs, we were off to go settle into our one bedroom villa.

Now you may be thinking, ‘why does it say we?’ Well, remember that fella who I told to meet me in Bali for our second date? Turns out that that whole situation is lasting a bit longer than just two dates. Said fella lives in Adelaide and I…

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