An enriching road trip in Himalayas: Chaukori to Munsiyari




Whenever I think of penning down my memories about Munsiyari….I am baffled. A plethora of bright green rain soaked images comes into my mind. Those innocent faces with whom we spent a few days will always remain in our heart.No words can describe the ecstasy we had, when the clouds sailed under our feet and we felt ourselves at the top of the world. Munsiyari is not just a travel destination but an experience.

So, I thought of writing my experience in a series of two: the first part about our road trip and the second about our stay.

Here goes the story of the road trip from Chaukori to Munsiyari…………………..

On the previous evening before leaving from Chaukori one of our friends who had visited Munsiyari recently, gave me a call . Her only piece of advice was to be alert of your surroundings while travelling because the mountains…

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Kyoto – An insight in the cultural capital of Japan

Higashi Hongan-ji

Higashi Hongan-ji


160605_Japan_3175 Shosei-en Garden in Kyoto

After a bit more than four days in Tokyo it was time to head to Kyoto. Why Kyoto? It came in my mind spontaneously when I read that it is the cultural capital of Japan and very different to Tokyo. That piques my curiosity.

Instead of taking the bullet train I decided to travel by plane and enjoy the view of Japan from above. The bus brought me from Osaka-Itami airport to the center of Kyoto. I figured out soon that this city is different. The only high building I saw was the Kyoto tower.

My hostel was not far away from the station why I decided to walk the distance of one kilometer. It took less than 5 minutes walk till I saw the first temple. Quite curious I decided to drop off first my stuff and then to start my sightseeing at the Higashi Hongan-ji followed by…

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