Romblon Town: Island Escape

2016-07-07 06.09.38 1 Asia

2016-07-07 06.25.26 1 Philippines

Pusang Gala

IT’S A GLOOMY DAY in Romblon. Cheryl and I quicken our pace as large clouds begin to gather in the sky. Up to now, the sky has been gray but calm, though it’s quickly changing. The rain first lightly taps on the roofs of the houses and then becomes a steady pitter-patter as the clouds spit out their beads of water.

That my friend Cheryl and I find ourselves here in Romblon Town in the middle of the rainy season looking for a hotel – any hotel – sounds like a strange, if not an outright bad, idea. It was I who conceived of this plan. I just quit my job and am about to start a new one, while Cheryl is dealing with a broken heart. We felt we needed time away from the world to figure it all out before life intercedes and the sense of adventure is dashed by routine.

So when I was looking…

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