Enchanted Forests

The Magical and Mystical Himalayas are encapsulated in Mythology , Folklore  and have for centuries been revered as the ABODE OF GODS .

They are the Origin of Mighty and Holy Rivers like the Ganges, The Indus and the Brahmaputra.

river stream Himalayan Springs form Mighty Rivers

In Sikkim,India and close to the Tibetan Border , beautiful Rhododendron Forests drape the Rocky Slopes of the Mystical Himalayas.

forests on the slopes Enchanting Rhododendron Forests

These Enchanting Alpine Forests at a height of over 4000 metres ( approximately 13300 feet)  are also home to Unique Flora  like the Primulas and Fauna like the Red Panda.

misty forest High Altitude Himalayan Forest

The Dense Mist adds to the Mystery of these Spellbinding  Himalayan Forests.

During the winters these very slopes would be covered under a Carpet of Snow.

mystical forestsMistical Forest

Enchanted my friends?

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