A Few Days In Gangtok





Diary Of A Traveller

After a few days spending time in the busy town of Darjeeling, I decided to take a taxi to get to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim province. Even to get a taxi was difficult since its a tourist season now. After lingering around the town for an hour, I finally got one who agreed to take me and my bicycle to Gangtok. At first the road was super busy, trucks and jeep everywhere on the small road getting out of Darjeeling. Getting out of small town of Darjeeling itself took us about half an hour. But after a few minutes riding out of Darjeeling, the road slowly became quiet. I was smiling myself, finally now I can get my bicycle rolling… rocking the road in India!

_DSC8045s Gangtok city from the opposite valley

_DSC8049s Gangtok and the surrounding mountains


We crossed the Sikkim border at Rangpo, which took only a few minutes…

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