Welcome to Hong Kong! Lions Rock Stupid Hard Mountain



Another item that I can check off my bucket list. Finally, able, to, hike, lions rock!

Do you know why it’s called the lions rock? Because the boulder at the very top is suppose to look a lions head. I didn’t see it, until someone told I am suppose to see a lions head.

So then I said yes, I saw a lions head.

To get to the entrance of the trail, you have to go to Wong Tai Sin Station, exit b3. Here you have two options 1) Walk all the way up to the entrance. This is about an hour walk. or 2) Get a taxi to drive you to the entrance.

Being the active hiker that I am, I chose option 2. So glad that I did. The walk up to the entrance was brutal, and I would’ve given up on the hike once we reached the…

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