Serbian villages – hidden treasury of Serbia


Serbian villages are a true hidden treasure of Serbia. Do you need some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, from all the noise and pollution? Do you long for a place where such things are unimaginable? Where do people enjoy the company of nature and other people, not phones and the Internet? Where your first neighbours will be fragrant flowers and amazing animals, and your best friends, clean air and a fresh breeze? Let’s go then!


Kremna Village


You’re intrigued by old prophecies? You’re driven by an inexplicable energy? Do you enjoy seeing nature’s riches of magical beauty? You still don’t know why we’re asking you all these questions? The answer lies in Kremna – an unusual village where prophecies, mystical energy and lush nature meet.

The impressive valley between the Tara and Zlatibor mountains is known for the famous Serbian family of prophets. The Tarabić family have foreseen a huge part of Serbian history and made the village of Kremna famous. So come here and check for yourself!


Trsic Village


Right in the spot where nature and history, culture and art, value and tradition meet, the beautiful village of Tršić lies. This small village near Loznica is known as the birthplace of Vuk Karadžić and the home of the oldest manifestation in Serbia called “Vukov sabor”.

Apart from that, nature bestowed upon Tršić amazing gifts. Such as the dense forests the peace of which is disturbed only by the merry chirp of birds… The winding streams that cut across green paths and clear air make this village the perfect place to escape the city rush and hectic pace of life.


Jagostica Village


Even though it’s on the very edge of Serbia, this destination is more than worthy of your attention. Apart from breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, the village of Jagoštica is special because of the fact that the words “urban”, “pollution” and “crowds” mean nothing at all. But “peace”, “quiet” and the laws of nature mean everything.

If you should ever find yourself in this village bordered by the Drina river canyon and the Tara national park, you can forget about the Internet, your mobile phone and any other gadget. But that’s what you’ve wanted in the first place, right?


Kamena Gora Village


Many will tell you that this place, located in the very southwest of Serbia, is one of the most beautiful in this country.And rightfully so. With its vast landscapes and its plentiful fresh air, the Kamena Gora (roughly translated as “Rocky forest”) is a unique ecological spot and a true oasis.

That is why everyone should spend at least a couple of days in this place that’s basically “plucked from heaven”. The fact that here you can encounter the oldest pine tree in Serbia, the famous 500-year-old Sacred or Old pine as it is called, is yet another curiosity of the Kamena Gora.

These are just some of numerous stunning villages in Serbia.

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