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Kuala Lumpur hotels


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Kuala Lumpur hotels

Many people like some luxury when they are on vacation, but would prefer not to much money to spend. We have therefore put together a list of which cities you average the least and the most paid for a five star hotel.

The lowest price paid for a five star hotel is in the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur, only € 96 per night. Also in Istanbul (Turkey) and Warsaw (Poland) was to pay a five star Hotel. There payed travelers average 105 euros and 124 euros per night, and examined by

In the list of cities where people most paid for a five-star accommodation come remarkably many European destinations. The Italian Venice tops the list with € 408 per night in a five star hotel, followed by Paris (373 euros) and London (337 euros). In Amsterdam, tourists advantageous with an average price of € 246.

Lowest average price for…

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